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Long Story Short: I am a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur. This is my blog. Read it.

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Hey guys, Glen Huff here. I just want to take a moment to thank you for visiting my blog and introduce myself. I am an entrepreneur, blogger, and marketer. I work with personal brands and businesses with their digital marketing, specifically in the social realm.

This blog features my articles on entrepreneurship, social media, advertising, and other digital marketing strategies that I've used over the years to take businesses sky high "into the cloud" so to speak. My mission is to expand my knowledge while helping others succeed with their online businesses. I have spent most of my career building websites, managing social media accounts, repairing companies online reputation, and running advertising campaigns since 2010. My biggest advertising campaign being roughly $250k a year in PPC.

Aside from the marketing wizardry that goes on in my articles, I hope you enjoy the more relaxed feel of my blog. I try not to use too much jargon and keep things plain and simple. I refuse to sound like a robot spitting out information from a textbook and love the use of imagery and parables. If you decide that my blog-style is a good fit for you and have a desire to learn, it sounds like you are ready to take your business to the next level. Subscribe and read on!

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