Stop Writing Bad Headlines with this ONE Strategy And Increase Your CTR Over Night.

As business owners running websites and social media accounts, we all have a similar goal with advertising online. Drive traffic, convert to leads, and make a return on our investment. The topic of the day is our headlines. The strategy I am going to reveal today can be applied to your paid ad headlines, video titles, and website page titles.


Put Yourself In Their Shoes

I want you to take a moment to step into our visitors shoes to get a better idea of this concept. Sally is a homeowner living in Florida. During the summer, the weather is absolutely brutal. Temperatures can rise up to 95(F) degrees at peak season with 100% humidity in the air. “What does this have to do with anything? It’s hot we get it.” That’s the point! Sally needs to make sure her air conditioning system is working, otherwise she’s going to be sweating this summer.

It’s 5 o’clock and Sally just got home. She opens her front door only to feel a heat wave smack her in the face. The day has come. Her air conditioning system is not working! What does she do? She pulls out her phone and goes to Google of course. And so she’s typing away, “AC Repair Companies”. A number of results pop up and she begins to scan the list. This is the moment where your headline is put to the test. Search Engine ranking does not make the sale, your copy does! And when your website is put side by side with your competitors, it’s a face off. Who can convince Sally to click on their website? Not everyone clicks on the first link that appears on the SERPS. Many people will analyze the headlines, descriptions, and reviews.

She’s sweating. Her puppy Francis is panting by her leg. Sally needs a/c service right now. — What’s this?

Headline (Title) – “Stop Sweating Bullets, Enjoy Ice Cold A/C Within the Hour!”
Description – “Claim your FREE A/C Repair Service Call, Day or Night.”

Let’s analyze this piece by piece. Sally reads this search result and begins to ponder.

  • I’m sweating bullets. Gee, I really want to stop, poor Francis is hot too.
  • Ice cold a/c sounds so good right now.
  • Within the hour? Yes, I need service now!

And then the description ads more value and a CTA.

  • They’re offering a FREE A/C Repair! I have nothing to lose.
  • Apparently I can claim it during the day or night.
  • Let’s do it.

The Pain Factor Headline

This headline is very relevant to Sally’s issue at hand. It uses what I call the “Pain Factor”. Her current state of pain is described, followed by her desire, and a call to action that help her reach her desires is present. This is my formula for Pain Factor Headlines.

“Stop Pain, Start Desire, With CTA”
“With CTA, Stop Pain, Start Desire”
“Start Desire, Stop Pain, With CTA”

…you get the idea. Show them where they are, where they want to be, and that you can take them there.

How to Use This Method

Here’s an exercise I want you to try when brainstorming headlines ideas. Define the problem your target audience has. Write it down. Now make a list of all the negative feelings and emotions they may be experiencing during their dilemma (pain). Now make a list of positive outcomes of your solution (desire). Then write down your solutions to their problem (cta). You now have a table that can be used to make a variety of headlines for this one particular problem. Mix and match the pieces and see what you can come up with.

I’m going to do the same exercise for Sally and her home air conditioning system problem.

Pain Desire CTA
  • Sweating
  • Feeling Hot
  • Worried about cost
  • Not sweating
  • Feeling cool
  • Cheap repair cost
  • Fixed ASAP
  • Free Service Call
  • Online Coupon

Notice how I just about fit every piece of my Pain Factor Table into my Headline and Description line?

Headline (Title) – “Stop Sweating Bullets, Enjoy Ice Cold A/C Within the Hour!”
Description – “Claim your FREE A/C Repair Service Call, Day or Night.”

Optimize for Users Before SEO

Let’s look at a commonly used heading/description that is not as effective. For the sake of Sally’s a/c problem, let’s see what website listings she would have skipped.

Headline (Title) – “Air Conditioning Repair”
Description – “Call us now for service”

Very simple. It’s relevant to the service she wants. It has the main keyword in it. Short and straightforward. It’s a good headline and description, right? No. This headline has no driving force. It’s boring, has no incentive, and shows zero value. The message is very broad and lacks depth. I don’t see Sally clicking on a link with that headline. From an SEO standpoint it’s solid. The message is not too long, has 2 common keywords in the HVAC industry, and is relevant to her search query. But, you shouldn’t build pages for search engines and expect to sell. They are meant for real people with real desires. Humans have emotions. Use catchy phrases that trigger emotion when writing your headlines and you will see more interactions.

That about sums it up for this strategy. This is only ONE of many copywriting strategies for writing effective headlines. The Pain Factor is powerful. Humans act on impulse when their emotions are triggered. And with that being said, I hope you all enjoyed my post. Please leave a comment! I want to see what creative headlines my readers can create using the Pain Factor.

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